How to spot the signs of emotional based school avoidance

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The BBC reported last year that there is a ‘tsunami’ of cases of Emotional Based School Avoidance (EBSA), in many cases exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, with many parents and teachers struggling to support children.

EBSA is a term used to describe children and young people who experience challenges in attending school due to negative feelings such as anxiety. In this episode, Dom Sagar, Thrive’s Relationship Manager for the North and Central England, explains that this is usually associated with emotional and physical distress and a reluctance to attend school or absconding from lessons within the settings - leading to reduced attendance. 

Listen in and learn:

  • The early signs of Emotional Based School Avoidance
  • ‘In the moment’ strategies to tackle EBSA in your setting
  • The neuroscience behind a student’s dysregulation
  • How to support and steady your students for learning
  • The importance of celebrating small wins on a daily basis
  • Actionable insights to prevent school anxiety taking hold in the first place

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