Thrive team

The Thrive team are all committed to helping make a difference to the lives of children and young people. Our head office is in Devon, where most staff are based, with a Regional team spread across the country.

Managing Director

Diana Dewing

Managing Director

Relationship Development

Kirsty Crowe

Head of Operations

Jessica Foweraker

Relationship Development Team Leader

Jo Glazier

Relationship Development Coordinator

Simone Pedley

Relationship Development Coordinator

Felicity Turville

Relationship Development Coordinator

Natalie Bouzayen

Relationship Development Assistant

Thrive-Online (TOL)

Claire Daniels

Thrive-Online Team leader

Laura Creane

User Support Coordinator

Mel Farleigh

User Support Coordinator

Member Services

Kate Middleton

Member Services Manager

Jeannette Allen

Member Services Coordinator

Charlotte Frow-Cole (maternity leave)

Member Services Coordinator

Katy Tapp

Member Services Coordinator

Charlie Darke

Member Services Coordinator

Justina Ovens

Member Services Coordinator

Tracy Murphy

Member Services Coordinator


Viv Trask-Hall

Head of Innovation in Education and Principal Trainer


Kirsty Crowe

Head of Operations

James Sheppard

Training Operations Manager

Patricia Cornell

Training Coordinator

Chris Oliver

Training Coordinator

Belinda Southby

Learning Designer

Megan Garrett (maternity leave)

Training Operations Assistant

Jackie Driver

Training Operations Assistant

Content Development

Lucy Latchmore (maternity leave)

Head of Content Development

Grace Williams

Content Development Manager

Lia Ponton

Content and Publications Editor

Kate Fonseca

Project Coordinator

Katie Palmer Heathman

Publications and Content Editor


Fay Steer

Head of Marketing

Iola Nelson

Marketing Communications Manager

Leonie Heath

Marketing Coordinator

Laura Joy

Graphic Designer

Liz Parks

PR Officer

Administration and Finance

Julia (Jules) Flynn

Head of Finance

Nicki Courtney

Finance & Administration Manager

Emma Dufty (maternity leave)

Finance Coordinator

Camille Lovell (maternity leave)

Accounts Coordinator

Zena Cameron

Receptionist / Office Coordinator

Bertie Bowser

IT Systems Lead

Systems Development

Chad Cookney

Project Manager

Luke Johnson

Software Development Coordinator

Case studies

While it is important to understand the model behind The Thrive Approach, what really matters is the impact that it can have in practice for the development of an individual child or young person.

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Next steps

If you would like to discuss more about Thrive and what opportunities are currently available in your area, please click the link below or call the Thrive team direct on 01392 797555.

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