Meet the team - Adam Ducker

Software Development Analyst

Work Experience: Before joining Thrive, Adam was Technical Director of a professional music studio which gave him the ability to stretch his problem-solving skills to their extremes with all the data/IT learning opportunities that were presented. He worked with clients such as Sir David Attenborough, The One Show, Haley Bennett and Benjamin Clementine. Following this, he worked as a freelance Systems and IT engineer working in his local area with both individuals and small to medium sized businesses. This is where he got his teeth into the kind of systems work he does today as he got to see the initial stages of businesses setting up their infrastructure and the challenges they face.

A little more about me: Adam's expertise leads him to declare himself 'a big nerd'. He organises a twice weekly online meetup with 20+ international friends to play online games. The members range from South Africa all the way up to Norway. "It's a great way to socialise from the comfort of your own home and has helped tremendously while everyone was isolated during lockdown", he says.

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