In my own words: "It feels better coming to school now"

13th July 2022| Blogs

"If Thrive wasn't at this school, I wouldn't know what emotion I was feeling." 

From running out of school - to a "socially and emotionally resilient" young lady. In this 2-minute video, a year 6 pupil from Hagley Primary School joins Kerry Baggott, the SEN Lead for Social, Emotional and Mental Health, for a conversation about the impact of the Thrive Approach on her wellbeing.

Press play to discover: 

  • Why it's now easier coming to school

  • What makes year 6 feel so much better than year 1

  • How Thrive has helped her to control her anger

  • Why she is striving to become a Thrive Ambassador

Press play below



Over to you

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