Join the 'No Pupil Left Behind' Mascot Design Competition with Thrive!

6th February 2024| Blogs | News

Are you ready to ignite the creativity and imagination of your pupils? Thrive is thrilled to invite you and your pupils to participate in our mascot design competition as part of our 'No Pupil Left Behind' campaign! 

At Thrive, we believe that every child deserves to feel valued and supported in their social and emotional development journey. That's why our 'No Pupil Left Behind' campaign is dedicated to ensuring that no pupil is overlooked when it comes to their mental health and wellbeing. 

Design your mascots 

We're looking for qualities that perfectly encapsulate the essence of our 'No Pupil Left Behind' campaign, and we want your pupils to dive deep into their imaginations to bring these qualities to life! We're eager to hear all the fantastic details that will make our mascot shine: from its vibrant colours and unique shape to its adorable name and any stylish clothes or accessories it might rock. 

 Whether it's inspired by a real-life creature or object, or entirely a product of their imagination, we encourage your pupils to let their creativity soar. 

Prizes are up for grabs! 

The winning designs will be brought to life! Our selected favourites will have their mascots printed on T-shirts for them to treasure. Plus, one lucky winner will not only receive their exclusive T-shirt but will also see their character featured in upcoming Thrive resources. It might even become a beloved toy, keyring, or even a life-size mascot! 

How to enter 

Please submit all mascot designs by Thursday, March 28th, 2024, and let's show the world that with Thrive, no pupil is ever left behind! 

You can download the template or simply use a sheet of plain paper. Scan or take a clear photo of completed designs and email them to  Ensure each design has the child's first name, their school and their age on the artwork.

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