How can mindfulness help to reduce exam anxiety?

7th March 2023| Blogs

Having helped pupils prepare academically, are there tools that teachers can use to make young people more mentally resilient?

In this episode of the Tes podcast, two experts explore how mindfulness techniques can help pupils manage their nerves ahead of an exam. Plus, discover simple exercises that young people can use themselves in the classroom or exam hall.


Meet the experts

Rose Webb. Policy, Practice and Innovation Lead, Thrive.

Rose has practised mindfulness techniques professionally and at home for many years. Having worked supporting adults to better understand the emotional needs of young people, she knows what a difficult period the exam season can be. On Wednesday 3rd May, Rose will be hosting a FREE 30-minute webinar on ‘Supporting Children and Young People to Manage the Stress and Anxiety of Assessments’ - click here to find out more and secure your place.

Chris Randall. Director of Mental Health and Wellbeing, Lindens Primary School.

Having adopted mindfulness techniques across Lindens Primary School, a Thrive school in the West Midlands, Chris and his team now use regular breaks in the school day to help pupils feel calm and to focus on their learning.


Press play below to listen to the full interview:


Over to you

If you'd like to help your pupils to manage the pressures of assessments and build the resilience they need to take on future challenges, click here to book a Discovery Call with your regional expert. Designed to fit in around your schedule, these free 30-minute conversations via Teams give you a chance to have your questions answered, decide if our service is a fit for your needs, and identify if you qualify for a £1,200 DfE grant to spend in your setting.


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