Seven reasons to embrace Thrive

24th May 2024 | Blogs

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Seven reasons to embrace Thrive

1. Thrive is an effective tool used to identify and address social and emotional development needs and support mental health

2. Thrive is a powerful and proactive approach which helps to prevent mental health problems from developing

3. Thrive results in lower rates of referrals to external agencies and cost savings in terms of interventions and staff time

4. All children and young people from 0–25 can benefit from Thrive – it can be used in any and all schools, settings and other organisations

5. As well as benefitting children and young people, Thrive enhances staff wellbeing and aids job satisfaction and retention

6. Thrive improves attendance, attainment and behaviour and decreases exclusions and behavioural incidents

7. Thrive allows schools and multi-site organisations to benchmark and measure progress and impact using a unique assessment tool called Thrive-Online


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  • The wide-ranging impact of Thrive on children, young people, and staff wellbeing.

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7 Reason to Embrace Thrive



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