How to support secondary school teachers against a backdrop of skyrocketing mental health problems

14th July 2022 | Blogs

Often the first to spot mental health problems, secondary school teachers need more support

Thrive Licensed Practitioner training

Thankfully for Vicki Williams and Samantha Strange from Birmingham's Fortis Academy and Stockton on Tees' Northfields School and Sports College respectively, they caught on early to a secret formula: Thrive Licensed Practitioner training 

This revolutionary training gives you the insight needed to spot and respond to pupils’ mental health needs with confidence - and in the most appropriate way. It’s one of the many reasons Thrive is the wellbeing provider of choice for over 75,000 senior leaders and classroom staff in the UK.  

Now Vicki and Samantha have:

  • Young people that feel settled and ready to learn
  • Insight into which young people may be at risk of a mental health problem  
  • Age-appropriate action plans to help those needing additional support 
  • Tools and strategies that help to boost teacher job satisfaction and retention 
  • Detailed reports to evidence impact and track progression of groups or individuals  
  • Improved relationships between school and parents/carers 


 Here's what they both said:


"I would advise anyone thinking about starting Thrive training to go for it - for your own mental health and for professional satisfaction. Learning about the Thrive Approach has been revolutionary. The support I got from my Thrive trainer and from other delegates on the Adolescence Licensed Practitioner Training made such a difference. It’s changed my professional practice and my personal life for the better."

Samantha Strange. Personalised Learning Centre Manager, Northfields School and Sports College

"Thrive has been life-changing for me on a personal and a professional level. Because of the increased demands of the pandemic on time and mental health, staff have been given the opportunity to receive CPD, with 45 staff already signed up."

Vicki Williams. Teacher, Fortis Academy.




Over to you

When you’re ready to join the 2,800+ other settings providing mental health and wellbeing training to teachers and placing more emphasis on teacher support, click here to schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call with your regional expert. We want you to ensure that you’re spending your time, energy and funding wisely. These calls allow you to have your questions answered and establish whether or not we’re a good fit. Our team won’t sell to you, but they will let you know if they think we can help. 

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