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17th June 2024 | Blogs

What is Thrive-Online?

Thrive-Online is the go-to platform for educators looking to effectively support children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing. With over 25 years of research and expertise behind it, Thrive-Online enables you to assess pupils’ social and emotional skills, create practical action plans for targeted support, and evidence progress over time.

In this blog, hear first-hand from teachers, support staff, pastoral leads and senior leaders from a variety of schools, settings and trusts as they share their thoughts on Thrive-Online.


Identify social and emotional development needs

Behaviour and skills surveys in Thrive-Online enable you to evaluate pupils’ social and emotional skills and pinpoint areas for improvement. Detailed insights highlight specific needs, helping you to prioritise resource and tailor support. 

An “invaluable tool” when deciding on next steps for pupils

“All class teachers do a whole class assessment using Thrive-Online in the first half of each term and from this we are able to identify children who need further support. The assessment process has given us the opportunity to track all children from Nursery to Year 2 and is an invaluable tool when deciding on next steps for pupils.” Sue Sharp. Montgomery Infant School and Nursery.

Identifying and removing barriers to learning

“We use Thrive-Online to identify what the barrier is and the strategies it suggests help us to remove that barrier, whatever it is, so that pupils can go back to the classroom ready to learn. It has improved the culture for staff too because teachers want to teach - they don’t want to have to manage pupils that are disrupting a lesson.” Jayne Curd. Senior Leader for Behaviour, Meridian High School.

Assessing children’s needs has been a “game changer”

“Assessing children and being able to correctly identify their needs in terms of their emotional development has been a game changer.” Patricia Scott. Pastoral Lead, Little Mead Primary Academy.

“Dramatic improvements” that benefit the whole class

Quote from Patricia Scott, Pastoral Lead, Little Mead Primary Academy

“Our children weren’t ready to learn and now we have a tool to help them regulate themselves so that they are ready. We have seen dramatic improvements from children who were previously not able to access the classroom. And if one disruptive child is no longer being disruptive then it’s not just that child that benefits – all of the children in the class benefit.” Sarah Norwood. Holy Trinity and St John’s Church of England Primary School.


Ensure a whole school approach to wellbeing

With a Thrive-Online subscription, all colleagues can have access to the platform for no additional cost. This presents an incredible opportunity for you to supercharge your mental health and wellbeing provision, maximise your return on investment, and prevent any pupils from slipping through the net.

A quick way to ensure colleagues know what’s going on for a child

“Thrive-Online is really user-friendly and easy to interact with. I love the graphs that it generates. I think that it’s a really quick way to share with colleagues what is going on with a child and how they have made good progress with their needs.” Laura Griffin. Teacher, Greater Horseshoe School.

A powerful tool for generating profiles that can then be shared with all staff

“It's a very powerful tool for generating profiles that can then be shared with all staff. We have seen an improvement in our metrics and the boys’ mental health and wellbeing.” Martin Downs. Deputy Head of Education, Feltham Young Offenders Institution.


Track and demonstrate progress over time

On average, primary schools in the UK spend £4,300 per year on pupil mental health and wellbeing support. However, the majority are unable to measure the impact or effectiveness of this spend1. Thrive-Online can change that.

Detailed reports and dashboards make it easy to see the difference you’re making and evidence progress to colleagues, senior leadership and inspection teams.

Teachers are able to share progress with senior leaders and pupils

“Teachers complete class assessments and activities are taken from the resulting class plan. They are then able to demonstrate and share the progress with senior leaders and pupils. Thrive is the golden thread that runs throughout our school.” Daisy Bailey. Headteacher, Manor Field Primary School.

Academic improvements and fewer emotional outbursts

“Thrive lets us track the wellbeing progress that children are making and every child has a target that they work towards. We’ve seen academic improvements and the number of emotional dysregulations has halved, much of which is due to our commitment to Thrive principles”. Laurie Llewellyn. Assistant Headteacher, Ysgol Pen y Bryn.

Measure progress in social and emotional development

Quote from Ben Priest. Teaching Assistant, The Royal Harbour Academy.

“We are able to measure progress in ways other aspects of the curriculum are not measured and this focus on pastoral development is hugely important to our ethos and vision.” Michael Kaitell. Co-Headteacher, Hunters Hall Primary.

Make data-driven decisions and continuously improve practice

“The ability to track and measure the impact of Thrive interventions allows schools to assess the effectiveness of the program, make data-driven decisions, and continuously improve practices to better support students' well-being and academic success”. Ghada. Epsom Playhouse Preschool.

A “brilliant tool” to highlight areas that need support and track progress

“Thrive-Online is a brilliant tool in being able to track the progress of the students that I work with. It shows clear improvements with each re-profile and highlights areas that need support. Thrive has also been a great tool to implement in the classroom. A small handful of my students have strategies that they can use in their classrooms, and around school, which allows them to self-regulate, making them become more independent”. Ben Priest. Teaching Assistant, The Royal Harbour Academy.

Easily identify pupils most in need of support

“Thrive-Online allows us to easily measure any progress and pick out individuals who may require a higher level of support, along with supporting the EHCP process and parent/carers in their home environments.” Rhiannon Jones. Senior Manager, Shine.

Track and measure impact on social and emotional development

“The ability to track and measure our impact on social and emotional development was really important. We wanted something that was going to prove that Thrive was making an impact.” Sue Hanson. Teaching Assistant, Ysgol gyfun Tredegar Comprehensive School.

Embed strategies and activities into the curriculum

“By having Thrive-Online we have been able to introduce Thrive into our PSHE lessons with links to the developmental target area personalised to each class. We are also able to track the impact on our children, with percentages and tailored action plans.” Sunmmer Dyer, Northdown Primary School.

Measure the difference Thrive is making

“With Thrive-Online we have been able to measure the impact of Thrive and it shows how well it is working.” Ali Powis. HLTA, Pontprennau Primary.

Quote from Rhiannon Jones. Senior Manager, Shine.

Review the impact of action plans

“We use Thrive-Online action plans for groups of children that may be struggling, and over time, we can see how this has made a difference.”  Naomi Harling. Proprietor, Chill Out Time Childcare.

See the difference you’re making

“From the assessments, you can see the improvements being made by the classes - it can be tracked and measured.” Hayley Lake. LSA, Kymin View Primary School.


Collect evidence for inspection teams

Not only does Thrive-Online help to improve attendance, behaviour and learning outcomes, it also equips educators to support pupils’ personal development, including building their resilience, confidence and independence. Plus, Thrive-Online offers insightful data and reports to showcase the work you’re doing and its impact.

Easily accessible data for Ofsted

“The Thrive graphs helped us to evidence things to Ofsted in a way that’s easy for them to see and understand.” Jason Goddard, Director of Enhanced Learning Services.

Show progress outside of academic achievement

“In Ofsted, we were able to show progress through Thrive-Online, even if they were not showing it initially academically.” Jane Cooper. Pastoral Lead, Kessingland Church of England Primary Academy.

Demonstrate commitment to pupil wellbeing

“Our recent inspection report illustrated the warm, caring ethos of our school which focuses on children's wellbeing. The ability to track and measure impact using Thrive-Online is very useful too”. Sophie Robinson. Cover Supervisor, Brackla Primary School.

Quote from Jason Goddard, Director of Enhanced Learning Services.


Support wellbeing across multi-site organisations

Thrive-Online helps multi-site organisations to support the social and emotional health of all pupils across their settings, ensuring no one slips through the net. Leaders can have visibility across all schools and connect attendance, exclusion and wellbeing data in one place.

Use resource wisely and quickly put the right support in place

“All of our schools are creating class profiles using Thrive-Online so that we can collate and analyse the data together as a trust. We can then pick up on common themes and intervene appropriately at an early stage to prevent problems gaining momentum. If common themes are identified, we can use our resources wisely across the group and put the right interventions in place quickly.

The data we get from Thrive-Online allows us to assess pupils against age-related expectations for social-emotional development and create action plans to support them as needed. It allows us to evidence trends to internal and external stakeholders, such as our Governors, parents, and Ofsted, and show the impact of what we’re doing around mental health and wellbeing”. Becky Wilson. Executive Headteacher, Palladian Academy Trust.

1. Mental health in schools report, 2023.


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