Improving attendance, behaviour and attainment for over 25 years, our goal is to help every child and young person feel safe, supported and ready to learn.

In our Thrive podcast series 'Connected' Liz Parks, Thrive’s PR Officer, and her guests share insights and actionable strategies for reducing behavioural incidents, creating calmer classrooms and supporting each pupil to reach for their social and academic potential.

Thrive Connected Podcast

Quick mental health support wins - without adding to your workload.

In this episode, Thrive’s Strategic Lead and Trainer Kay Hamilton talks about how to improve mental wellbeing in your school quickly and effectively.

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How to evidence the impact of your setting’s wellbeing practice

In this episode, we feature Thrive® Licensed Practitioner, education consultant and Ofsted inspector Sandra Teacher talking about her upcoming webinar about how to evaluate the impact of your mental wellbeing practice.  

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The teenagers leading the mental health conversation

From Stephen Fry and suicide prevention to time-management skills and outdated PHSE, teenagers Conor and Bridie shine a light on the impetus for creating their mental health platform, Spark UK, and th...

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How to spot the signs of emotional based school avoidance

Emotional Based School Avoidance is a term used to describe children and young people who experience challenges in attending school due to negative feelings such as anxiety. In this episode, Dom Sagar...

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How Maple Cross School is reducing behavioural incidents

Prepare to be inspired by this simple yet effective initiative designed to help children understand their emotions and how they impact behaviour. The brainchild of Maple Cross School in Hertfordshire ...

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From truancy to academic attainment (plus why Northfields chose Thrive)

In this episode, we feature Thrive® trainer Sharon Gray and Licensed Practitioner Sam Strange in conversation about what it’s like to undertake Thrive training and the changes it brings personally ...

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