Parents and Carers

Do you want to know how to better support your child in their social and emotional development? The Thrive Approach can help you understand the needs of your child, ensuring you can give them optimal support as they grow.

Better understand what is happening for your children in their world

Our training will provide you with a raft of practical, creative and fun activities that can be used at home to help your child to be confident, curious, emotionally resilient, and more engaged with life and learning.


Understand how the brain develops

Help children and young people engage with life and learning

Would you like to better understand the social and emotional needs of your child and help them thrive? We offer a range of courses to support parents and carers, including Thrive at Home for Adoptive Parents and Foster Carers.

Licensed practitioners can also attend training to deliver Family Thrive sessions, designed to help them effectively share the Thrive Approach with parents and carers.

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Identify missed learning

Explore practical, creative and fun activities

Thrive-Online, our web-based profiling and action-planning tool, can be used to identify where children are in their social and emotional development.

The action-planning feature lets you choose from a raft of practical activities that will help you develop your relationship with your child and help them re-engage with life and learning.

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Continuing Professional Development

Through Thrive settings we offer training for parents and carers

Helping you know what to do and how to be with your young people

Many Thrive settings now offer courses to help parents and carers support their children and young people. These courses will provide you with an understanding of the Thrive Approach, how it works to support wellbeing and some practical skills enabling you to use the Approach outside of school.

Features that benefit parents and carers

Enables schools to identify which classes have pupils who need an extra adult to provide support and monitor progress.

Practitioners can create individual action plans for children and young people that can be used at home.

Practitioners can use Thrive activities to work one-to-one and in small groups with children who need more targeted support.

Thrive-Online can be used to monitor and report on your child's progress over time.

Case studies

While it is important to understand the model behind The Thrive Approach, what really matters is the impact that it can have in practice for the development of an individual child or young person.

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Next steps

If you would like to discuss more about Thrive and what opportunities are currently available in your area, please click the link below or call the Thrive team direct on 01392 797555.

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