Thrive was established more than 25 years ago to provide the tools, skills and insights needed to help children to become more emotionally resilient.

Initially conceived as a way of tackling the issue of school exclusions, the Thrive Approach is a systematic method of identifying gaps in children’s emotional and social development so that the adults around them can help them to progress and engage with education and with life.

The founders of Thrive have backgrounds in teaching, education, social work and psychotherapy. The Thrive Approach is underpinned by a robust framework of neuroscience, attachment theory and child development research.

The Thrive Approach consists of Thrive-Online, a web-based assessment and monitoring tool, and training. Thrive training focuses on the emotional needs of different age groups informed by established neuroscience and attachment research, as well as child development studies and research into risk and resilience factors.

Based in Devon, Thrive is a business that works with schools and other settings across Great Britain, as well as in Australia. To date, more than 34,000 staff have received Thrive training, ensuring that around 400,000 children have access to the Thrive Approach, changing lives and increasing educational attainment levels.

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The Thrive team are all committed to helping make a difference to the lives of children and young people. Many of the team have previously worked in settings that have embedded the Thrive Approach.

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