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17th May 2022| Blogs

Thrive's free, quality-assured Mental Health Lead course

"Can anyone book onto your course for Mental Health Leads? What happens if I book and then discover my setting isn't eligible for funding? Who is the training appropriate for? Does my setting have to settle your invoice before funding comes through? I can't make the dates. Can I be added to a waiting list for future courses please?"

To date, we've supported hundreds of people to improve attendance, behaviour and attainment by embedding a whole-setting approach. From Headteachers and SENCOs to Deputy Heads and Pastoral Leads, these were their questions. We hope our answers bring you clarity. 




Frequently Asked Questions

Your Suitability

who is the training suitable for?


Mental Health Lead training is suitable for primary and secondary schools and colleges, including some special and alternative provision, but is not intended to meet the specific needs of early years or adult settings. Training is appropriate for a member of staff working with colleagues, who is empowered to develop and oversee your setting’s whole school or college approach to mental health and wellbeing. Typically, this may be: a Headteacher, a Deputy Headteacher, a Member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), an existing Mental Health Lead, a Licensed Thrive Practitioner, a SENCO, a Safeguarding Lead or a Pastoral Lead. Only state-funded schools, colleges and 16-19 providers in England can apply for the DfE grant.

who is the training not a fit for?


The training is not intended to meet the specific needs of early years or adult settings. 

can i attend thrive's mental health lead course if i'm not eligible for a grant from the dfe?


Yes, this course is open to all settings and individuals regardless of grant application. The cost of the course for delegates without a grant is £750. 

can i do the course if i'm already a thrive licensed practitioner?


Please do. You'll be most welcome. For 100% attendance, you'll also get 20 CPD points to count towards relicensing. 

Do I need access to thrive-online in order to do this course?


No, this course does not necessitate a subscription to Thrive-Online. 



DfE Grant, Invoicing and Payment

how does my setting apply for the £1,200 grant from the dfe?


If you're in a state-funded primary, secondary or college setting in England, and you haven't previously applied for the grant, there's £1,200 available for you to spend on training. Keeping code SMHL068 to hand, double check your eligibility and start part 1 of the application process here. Upon receipt of a confirmation email, your £1,200 grant is secured. For part 2 of the application process,  you'll need proof of your booking with Thrive. You can use your booking confirmation email from us for this purpose. 

How will my setting be invoiced?


Your setting will be invoiced directly once you have booked a place on the course. This needs to be settled by the setting. For clarity, if you're claiming a grant, it will be paid directly to your setting - not to Thrive. If for any reason you aren't awarded the grant, please contact us directly. Upon sharing proof with us that your grant application hasn't been successful, we will cancel your booking with us free of charge. Please notify us 48 hours before the course is due to start to qualify for a full refund.

must my setting settle thrive's invoice before funding arrives from the dfe?


Payment terms for your invoice will be 30 days or the start date of the course, whichever is sooner. If you pay the invoice and are then unable to claim funding, Thrive will issue you a full refund upon receipt of evidence from the DfE. Please notify us 48 hours before the course is due to start to qualify for a full refund.

what do i do if the course starts before i've received funding through from the dfe?


Your invoice will be due already at this point. If you have started and the DfE advise you aren’t eligible for the funding, please contact us immediately and we can look at the options available to you.

how many times can i claim the £1,200 grant?


Each setting may apply for the £1,200 grant from the DfE only once. For clarity, two people from the same setting may not apply. 



Your Next Steps

I'm interested in the course but can't make the dates. What should I do?


Please click here to add your name to our waiting list. We will notify you as soon as new dates are released. 

I have further questions. Who should I contact?


Schedule a Discovery Call with a member of our team. These calls are designed to fit in around your schedule, to give you clarity and help you establish whether or not our course is a fit. Click here to book a Discovery Call over the phone. Or click here to schedule a video Discovery Call via Teams

I'm ready to improve attendance, behaviour and attainment. Where do I book?


We're looking forward to welcoming you. Please click here to book onto our free Mental Health Lead course. 




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