Over 20,000 children and young people to benefit from Halton Borough Council investment

7th May 2024 | Blogs

Every school in Halton Borough Council will be trained to support the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people after the local authority awarded a contract to Thrive.

Educators will be equipped with an in-depth understanding of the science behind social and emotional development and how this influences attendance, behaviour and learning outcomes. Schools will also have access to Thrive’s award-winning platform, Thrive-Online, enabling them to assess pupils’ social and emotional needs, create targeted action plans, and track progress over time. 

Tapping into DfE funding

The council will be funding Thrive using the Delivering Better Value fund, provided by the Department for Education. The fund is designed to support local authorities and their partners to improve the delivery of SEND services for children and young people whilst working towards financial stability.

A total of 66 settings and over 20,000 children and young people will benefit, underlining the local authority’s commitment to improving mental health and wellbeing and ensuring every young person in the community has an equitable chance to engage with learning and succeed.

Quote from Charlotte Finch, Acting Director, SEND and Inclusion at Halton Borough Council

“We believe the Thrive Approach is going to be transformational”

Charlotte Finch, Acting Director, SEND and Inclusion at Halton Borough Council, shared her excitement and backing for the local authority’s venture: “Halton are delighted to be entering into partnership with Thrive. We believe the Thrive Approach is going to be transformational for our children, young people and their families.” 

“In Halton, we are ambitious for our children and young people. We want to do everything we can to support our schools to create the best possible environment for them to succeed. We want our children and young people to feel safe, understood, happy and able to reach their full potential. A key element of this aspiration is our commitment to embedding Thrive across all Halton settings.  It is a very exciting partnership and one which is going to make a significant, positive difference.”

One of the schools to benefit from the Thrive rollout is The Brow Community Primary School. Headteacher, Lindey Webb, expressed her support for the partnership and the difference it will make to children at the school: "I am so excited to begin our school journey with Thrive. The representatives we have met so far are so knowledgeable, supportive and enthusiastic, that I am confident that the work we undertake with them will have a hugely positive impact on our children, and children across Halton."

"As a school we have a large proportion of children who have experienced trauma in one form or another, which has such a huge impact on them and their families. Thrive will give us the training and tools to help those children to overcome a range of barriers which will lead to improvements in their wellbeing, attendance, behaviours for learning, and ultimately their future opportunities."

Simone Pedley, Thrive’s Regional Development Manager for the North West, has been working closely with the local authority and said, "It's fantastic to see a local authority taking such a pro-active approach to building capacity within their schools to make mental wellbeing a priority. We know from our experience of working with schools and multi-site organisations for over 25 years, that when the right support is in place, children's behaviour changes and they become much calmer and happier within themselves. This is the key to successful learning and to lifelong wellbeing."

Quote from Lindey Webb, Headteacher at The Brow Community Primary School

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