Local Authorities

The Thrive Approach delivers a wide range of benefits for local authorities, including building in-house capacity, and reducing both referrals to overstretched services and the need for expensive interventions.

As a result, Thrive is used by many local authorities to improve the life chances for all children and young people in communities.

Improve health and wellbeing for the whole community

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) estimates that the cost of exclusion in England is around £370,000 per young person in lifetime education, healthcare and criminal justice costs.

These young people are also ten times more likely to suffer recognised mental health problems.

Now, more than ever before, the importance of children and young people’s mental wellbeing is being recognised. Mental health is high on the government’s agenda following the pandemic, but sustainable, long-term support will be vital in helping young people recover from the challenges of the past year – and prevent the risk of young people dropping out of education and requiring more expensive interventions later in life.

The approach is widely adopted by professionals such as occupational therapists, family support workers, health care professionals, social care teams, behavioural outreach support services, Looked After Children (LAC) services and youth offending teams.

Benefits for local authorities

Build in-house capacity for the multi-agency approach to mental health

Cut the number of referrals to already over stretched services, such as CAMHS

Reduce the need for expensive interventions and specialist services.

Improve the life chances for all children and young people in your community.

Embedding Thrive

The Thrive Approach® helps organisations working with children and young people to prioritise emotional wellbeing in their everyday practice and to prevent the causes of mental health issues. The practical, easy-to-use approach helps build in-house capacity and relieves the pressure on overwhelmed external organisations. Studies have estimated that for every £1 spent now, up to £20 can be saved over a period of ten years.


Thrive impact map for professionals
Impact of Thrive

Promote emotional wellbeing to prevent mental health issues arising

Supporting multi-agency working with mental wellbeing

The demands on support services continue to increase, and even more so as the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to be felt. The Thrive Approach can help with early identification of children and young people's unmet needs, providing strategies to support their wellbeing and help them thrive. This will reduce the pressure on already overstretched services.


Develop a trauma-sensitive approach

Understanding behaviour as a form of communication

The high quality, experiential training offered by Thrive will equip you with a practical knowledge how to support the social and emotional needs of the children and young people in your community.

Underpinned by established neuroscience, child development and attachment theory, Thrive training covers the developmental journey children go on as they grow, including the stages of social and emotional development and how the brain changes at each stage, and the effect of life's 'ups and downs'. Thrive uses the arts, play and creativity to support the needs of young people and will help you develop strategies for building supportive relationships.

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Provide targeted support

A unique online tool for screening, action-planning and monitoring

Thrive-Online, a unique web-based profiling, action-planning and monitoring tool, is used to profile young people’s social and emotional skills, identifying unmet needs, creating targeted action-plans for families, teachers and colleagues to follow and measuring progress over time. 

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