Keynote: The impact of play on learning - at all ages and stages

Sandra Teacher explores what play looks like for different age groups and for different strands of development.


At a glance

Guest speaker

Guest speaker

Sandra Teacher

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Webinar duration

2 hours

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Delivery method



Suitable for

Leaders and classroom staff

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£92 excl. VAT



Course Outcomes

Actionable insights, tips and techniques

After 2 hours, you'll leave Sandra Teacher's webinar with:

  • An understanding of the link between play, creativity and learning.
  • An insight into the main theories of play – from Piaget and Vygotsky to modern day.
  • Knowledge of the different phases of play - from Early Years to adult – and why each is important.
  • An understanding of how play can boost literacy, numeracy and help to raise standards both in personal development as well as academic achievement – and which Thrive-Online activities are most relevant.
  • An awareness of how to measure the impact of play.

Who is it for?

Staff from early years, primary and secondary settings.



Introducing guest speaker: Sandra Teacher

A highly-experienced educational consultant and Thrive Licensed Practitioner and Trainer, Sandra Teacher has led Ofsted inspections over the last 25 years. Her inspection work covered Early Years, primary, secondary, special schools and pupil referral units (PRUs), and included quality assurance for inspection service providers. She is continuing her inspection work with Ofsted as a specialist Early Years Inspector, and also carries out school inspections of behalf of the Independent School Inspectorate (ISI).
Sandra is currently an adviser for the Department for Education, particularly focusing on working within faith communities and with a range of schools to develop high quality education. She has wide cross-phase teaching and advisory experience, also working as a School Experience tutor and Lecturer in Education at a range of teacher training institutions.

She has a national role in Special Education, Early Years and faith communities, and has been designated as a 'Community Cohesion Champion' by the Office of the Prime Minister. She is an External Adviser for the performance management of head teachers and an Advanced Skills Teacher Assessor. She is a published writer of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) materials for parents and practitioners, support for Special Education, school self-evaluation materials and, most recently, guidance on promotional Fundamental British Values and the Prevent agenda, as well as a safeguarding, PSHE and RSHE toolkit for all types of educational settings.

Sandra Teacher



What you'll learn

Through play, children learn about the world and themselves. They practice skills, try out possibilities, come up with new ideas and discover new challenges, leading to deeper learning and understanding. Play is an essential part of the Thrive Approach, allowing trusted adults to be alongside children and young people so that they can co-regulate, start conversations and build relationships. This two-hour session will explore what play looks like for different age groups and for different strands of development.

Course structure

2-hour webinar.



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