Pupil Wellbeing in Adolescence

Unlock the potential to empower young people in your care by becoming a Thrive-accredited Pupil Wellbeing Specialist. This comprehensive training course is tailored for practitioners working with secondary school-aged children (11 to 18 years old), focusing on fostering positive relationships, a sense of belonging, and ensuring every young person feels safe, supported, and ready to learn.

Why Choose Our Pupil Wellbeing in Adolescence Course?

Are you passionate about building positive relationships and understanding your pupils' behaviours? If so, our Pupil Wellbeing in Adolescence Course is designed for you. Tackling issues like low attendance head-on, we equip you with practical strategies to support the emotional wellbeing of all pupils, leading to improved attendance, behaviour, and academic achievement.


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12 hours

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30 days free

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£390 excl. VAT



Course Outcomes

By completing this Pupil Wellbeing Course, you'll qualify as a Thrive-accredited Pupil Wellbeing Specialist.

Gain the skills to practically embed the Thrive Approach in your setting, supporting the wellbeing of all young people. Use this approach daily to enhance age-appropriate social and emotional development and positively impact learning outcomes.

If you want to deepen your understanding of supporting children and young people’s social and emotional development, consider our Adolescence Licensed Practitioner training. Alternatively, after becoming a Pupil Wellbeing Specialist, you can take additional modules to upgrade to full Thrive Licensed Practitioner status.

Who is it for?

Ideal for practitioners working alongside secondary school-aged children (11 to 18 years old) interested in enhancing emotional health practices.

This includes teachers, teaching assistants, student support and pastoral staff, heads of year, and any staff interacting with students daily. No previous qualifications are required.

Please note: This course was previously Building Emotional Health.


£390 excl. VAT

Prices are for courses starting on or after 1 September 2024. For settings that would like to commission a face-to-face training session, there is a flat rate charge of £450 per trainer per day (or part thereof) plus VAT.



Thrive training exceeded my expectations and it has brought me huge benefits professionally and personally. It’s been an amazing journey that has completely transformed me."

Samantha Strange, Personalised Learning Centre Manager, Northfields School and Sports College



What you'll learn

During the virtual training sessions, you'll explore:

  • The Thrive Approach: Understand its underpinning theory and established neuroscience.
  • Social and Emotional Development: Learn the links between emotional growth and maximising learning potential to raise standards of achievement.
  • Trauma Sensitive Approach: Develop a classroom-focused trauma-sensitive and attachment-informed approach to support the social and emotional health of all young people.
  • Behavioural Expectations: Understand appropriate behaviour expectations during adolescence and what this behaviour communicates
  • Supporting the Vulnerabilities and Opportunities of Adolescence: Implement strategies to address the unique challenges and opportunities presented during this developmental stage.
  • Key Relational Skills: Use essential relational skills in your work with young people.
  • Thrive-Online Tool: Evaluate young people’s social and emotional skills using the Thrive-Online assessment and action-planning tool.
  • Data Interpretation: Plan specific strategies and activities based on Thrive-Online data to support pupil wellbeing.
  • Curriculum Integration: Incorporate wellbeing strategies into everyday routines and structures.
  • Evidencing Progress: Demonstrate the impact of the Thrive Approach on pupils’ progress.
  • Supporting Thrive Licensed Practitioners: Understand the role of Thrive Licensed Practitioners and how to effectively support them.

Course structure

The course is structured into four virtual training sessions, each three hours long:

  • Session 1: Thinking about ourselves and our self-awareness
  • Session 2: Understanding stress and supporting the wellbeing of all young people
  • Session 3: Theory and practice of Thrive as a 'right-time' approach
  • Session 4: How to make the most of the opportunities of adolescence

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