School staff now 'lean in with curiosity' to help pupils meet their emotional needs

14th November 2022 | Blogs | Case Studies


Mrs Linacre  By Delyth Linacre, Principal, Easterside Academy 


 "Over the recent Covid pandemic, our rates of absence greatly increased as a result of many interruptions to right time development.  Coming out of the pandemic, like many schools, we are continually seeking ways to ensure all our pupils are attending school every day. Our whole school culture, through the use of the Thrive Approach, is successfully supporting us to do that and we are starting to see change.

Through our approach, we ensure that all our families and pupils are welcomed by staff every day and that we take time to check in with each of them. We also let them know that they are missed when they’re not here!
Easterside Academy understands behaviour as a form of communication which can be expressed in various ways.  Staff ‘lean in with curiosity’ to explore what we can do to help with meeting their emotional need. Through modelling Vital Relational Functions (attune, validate, contain, regulate) staff can support children to learn how to calm and respond to their feelings.
We have a number of ‘Thrive spaces’ at the school, both indoor and outdoor, which offer safe environment for the children to have time and space, or to be with a trusted adult.
Through this approach, all our staff are skilled in ensuring pupils feel safe, their voice is heard and that their feelings are validated. Pupils have adults they can talk to, who have strategies to regulate and understand the connection between sensations and feelings so children are better at figuring out what they need."

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