The benefits of CPD for Thrive's Licensed Practitioners

14th April 2016| News

To remain a Thrive Licensed Practitioner you will need to undertake annual training. Each CPD course is carefully planned and, very importantly, emotionally and socially enriching. Licensed Practitioners on CPD courses have said it is great to get back into the Thrive community, meet fellow Practitioners, see familiar faces, make new contacts, and network with others using the same Thrive language, as well as exchange uplifting stories, tears and laughter and often cake!

Practitioners have also said it is great to take new ideas and approaches back into their practice and settings, confident that they have been tried and tested and feedback from Thrive CPD courses is consistently excellent.

Thrive trainers are always highly complimented and the content of the training praised. Further CPD training also helps to keep Practitioners up to date with Thrive-Online which is being regularly updated and upgraded. Learning strategies are constantly reviewed and developed and new information shared with Thrive Practitioners.

CPD requirements to maintain your Licensed Practitioner status each year are: (following the academic year in which you were licensed):

  • update your knowledge and skills by attending at least one Thrive approved training and/or networking event to gain a minimum of 10 CPD points
  • provide evidence of on-going, active use of Thrive-Online to support your practice
  • undertake at least 8 hours private study
  • pay the annual licence fee for your licence level. For Licensed Practitioners this is zero.

Continuing professional development:

  • will deepen and broaden your knowledge of Thrive
  • will maintain the currency and assured quality standards of your qualification
  • will ensure the best possible outcomes for the children in your care

There are many and varied CPD courses available including Fear & Anger, Stress & Anxiety, Skills & Structure, Talking with Parents, Talking with Carers, Loss & Bereavement, Preventing Bullying, Working with children who are adopted and Thrive-Online Refresher.

There are always new courses being developed. Our Business Development Team, will always be happy to discuss new and existing courses with you.

For details of the CPD courses please refer to the Thrive website and/or contact the office 01392 797555. We will be delighted to help you and look forward to welcoming you on a CPD course in the future.

Author: Laura Joy (14th April 2016)

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