Thrive Update (COVID-19)

For all the latest information on how Thrive will continue to help professionals, parents and carers support the social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people during the coronavirus pandemic.

At Thrive, we consider our relationship with our customers, Thrive Licensed Practitioners, other Thrive setting staff and Thrive trainers, and supporting the work we all do with children and young people, as paramount.

As a result, we are changing and adapting our delivery mechanisms so that we can respond to the Government’s request to Stay Home, Save Lives and avoid unnecessary travel and contact with others, and yet continue to provide a quality service.

Updated 02/04/20

The plans we have in place to date, include:

  • Ongoing support and guidance for schools via phone and web-based communication from Relationship Managers based across the UK
  • Increased use of webinars and e-learning modules to ensure continuity of training services, including:
    • Senior Leadership courses offered remotely. The Childhood course will be run with four 3-hour webinars:
      1. Strategically using Thrive underpinning theory to the benefit of all pupils.
      2. Supporting all staff to understand and use PACE, the Vital Relational Functions and Thrive-Online.
      3. Understanding how to develop emotional and social skills for pupils aged 3-7 and for those aged 7-11.
      4. Embedding Thrive across your setting and exploring different models of implementation.
    • Licensed Practitioner training with extended e-learning options and additional web-based mentoring. The Childhood training will run with a pre-course module and three e-learning modules, each followed by an e-mentoring session. There will then be three face-to-face training days held in the autumn term.
    • Course Leader for Family Thrive courses will run with additional e-learning and webinar sessions, with a final e-mentoring session.

Other measures being considered to help us extend our services and support for settings, Practitioners, parents, carers and others include:

  • flexible alternatives to traditional face-to-face CPD, including webinar and online Q&A sessions
  • extended services to support parents and carers with children and young people at home
  • regular updates for Licensed Practitioners, trainers and Thrive settings.

In addition, we have launch a public Facebook page that is open to everyone - Thrive practitioners, non-Thrive practitioners, parents and carers and anyone interested in supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people at this time. The Facebook page is being updated with Thrive strategies and activities, links to resources from other organisations and the sharing of ideas and thoughts.

Please check your email, this website page and the new Facebook page (link above) for further updates, and in the meantime, please stay safe.

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