Thrive Update (COVID-19)

For all the latest information on how Thrive will continue to help professionals, parents and carers support the social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people during the coronavirus pandemic.

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm.

At Thrive, we consider our relationship with our customers, Thrive Licensed Practitioners, other Thrive setting staff and Thrive trainers, and supporting the work we all do with children and young people, as paramount.

As a result, we are changing and adapting our delivery mechanisms so that we can respond to the Government’s request to Stay Alert and avoid unnecessary travel and contact with others, and yet continue to provide a quality service.

Updated 20/01/21

The plans we have in place to date, include:

  • Ongoing support and guidance for schools via phone and web-based communication from Relationship Managers based across the UK.
  • All our training is now delivered using a mix of virtual training sessions, live interactive webinars, e-learning and e-mentoring. This has been developed to offer a connected and relational experience, with additional guided learning provided by Thrive trainers, to ensure the continuity of our training services. This now includes:
    • Senior Leadership courses:
      • The Childhood course, including the Welsh curriculum version, is being offered as four 3-hour virtual training sessions:
        1. Strategically using Thrive underpinning theory to the benefit of all pupils.
        2. Supporting all staff to understand and use PACE, the Vital Relational Functions and Thrive-Online.
        3. Understanding how to develop emotional and social skills for pupils aged 3-7 and for those aged 7-11.
        4. Embedding Thrive across your setting and exploring different models of implementation.
      • The Adolescent course, also run as four 3-hour virtual training sessions:
        1. Strategically getting started with Thrive, enabling discovery and sharing insight.
        2. Supporting all staff to understand rupture and repair in relationships and use PACE, the Vital Relational Functions and Thrive-Online.
        3. Understanding the world of adolescents.
        4. Being the source of real change - embedding Thrive across your setting and exploring models of implementation.
    • Licensed Practitioner training with extended e-learning options and additional web-based mentoring, with Thrive trainers providing additional guidance. Versions of the course are tailored for Early Years, Childhood and Adolescence settings. Each course will run with a pre-course module and three e-learning modules, each followed by an e-mentoring session. There will then be a final virtual session to ensure that delegates have developed relationship skills and are confident with their application.
    • Updated All Staff Induction live webinar sessions for this academic year, led by Thrive trainers, designed to give all staff an overview of how the Thrive Approach is used with all students.
    • A new childhood course, Building Emotional Health in Childhood, that will enable staff to use the Thrive Approach and Thrive-Online as a daily resource to support age-appropriate social and emotional development for every child to improve their learning outcomes. This course is ideal for any classroom-based staff in existing Thrive primary settings and will be delivered as four 3-hour virtual training sessions.

Other measures to extend Thrive services and support for settings, Practitioners, parents, carers and others include:

  • project ideas for children up to the ages of 7 and up to 11, and for young people aged up to 16  - see practitioner resources in the Member Area
  • the launch of our first, FREE release of the Thrive-Online Parent Toolkit, specially designed to support parents and carers with children aged 4 to 11 during lockdown
  • live Awareness webinars providing an overview of the Thrive Approach and its impact, delivered by our Relationship Managers, for either Childhood or Adolescence
  • NEW virtual open afternoons hosted in partnership with settings holding Thrive Ambassador status, showing how they have embedded the Thrive Approach
  • and, in the autumn term, we launched a new live series of Thrive Insights webinars looking at different issues than can affect the wellbeing of children and young people, in particular the impact of lockdown and how as adults we can help.

In addition, we have launched a public Facebook page that is open to everyone - Thrive practitioners, non-Thrive practitioners, parents and carers and anyone interested in supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people at this time. The Facebook page is being updated with Thrive strategies and activities, links to resources from other organisations and the sharing of ideas and thoughts.

Please check your email, this website page and the new Facebook page (link above) for further updates, and in the meantime, please stay safe.

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