Pupil referral units

Many children and young people arrive at pupil referral units in a time of crisis, having faced one or more permanent exclusions and negative experiences of education.

Understanding choices.

Thrive enables staff to assess the social and emotional skills of young people quickly and effectively, ensuring they can respond in the right way. Targeted support and action plans can be put in place almost immediately, with tailored strategies and activities that meet the needs of the individual student.

Embedding the Thrive Approach across a pupil referral unit ensures all staff know what to do in response to students’ distressed behaviour, that is often communicating varying and complex social and emotional needs.

Thrive also gives adults the resources to keep themselves emotional healthy in challenging situations.

Thrive-Online can be used in pupil referral unit settings to track and monitor the progress of each young person, providing clear evidence of their development to external agencies. This information also helps staff clearly communicate the needs of their students and the specific support they require.

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