Thrive Insights webinar series

A new series of webinars exploring issues that can impact on children and young people's social and emotional development.

Each webinar will address a different issue that affects the social and emotional development of our children and young people, and explores why this may happen.

Thrive Insight No. 2

When the Bubble Bursts

Dealing with disappointment

Next in our series of Thrive Insights, we continue to explore the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on children and young people and how we can support them. They have returned to school for the new academic year and yet face the ongoing uncertainty of what could happen with their bubble of classmates and school staff.

The experience of going into lockdown and then reconnecting at the start of the autumn term has led to significant challenges for children and young people, as well as the adults working with them.  New restrictions, changing local lockdowns and the real possibility of class or year bubbles being sent home, has created a very strange environment. This ever fluctuating situation will be leaving many children and young people feeling disorientated and disconnected. It will be provoking a variety of strong feelings such as anger, grief and confusion and affecting their behaviour.

During the two-hour webinar, Thrive trainers will explore some of the different ways that, as adults, we can support children and young people to feel steady during the turbulence and how to respond if their bubble bursts. They will discuss how you can plan for this with children, helping them to anticipate, and share with you some useful ways of responding to this.


  • Wednesday 18 November

Cost: £15.00 including VAT (payment required when booking).

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Please note: Thrive Insights are not part of the CPD programme, and as such do not count towards maintaining Licensed Practitioner status.

The Thrive Insights webinars are ideal for anyone caring for or working with children and young people: parents and carers, childminders and nannies, support workers, teaching assistants and teachers, and health and social care professionals. They will provide you with:

A deeper understanding of what is happening for children and young people.

The knowledge of how you can practically support children and young people.

Signposting to activities, resources and further training to support you going forward.

A greater awareness of how you are also affected and your own needs.

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